Teeth in a day Dental Implants in Mexico

Also known as same day teeth, same day smiles and All on 4 this dental implant technique replaces a full arch of missing teeth with only 4 dental implants supporting a fixed denture, all in one day.

How does All on 4 differ from conventional implants?

Patients who have not been good candidates for conventional implants due to lack of bone may find the All on 4 technique to be the perfect solution as the implants are thinner, and placed at a different angle and don’t require as much bone.

Normally, dental implants are inserted at a 90 degree angle to your jaw. With the All on 4 technique only the two implants at the front of the jaw are inserted at 90 degrees, and the two at the back are inserted at 45 degrees, which allows longer implants to be used. When the bridge is attached the angled placement locks the implants and enables them to integrate and heal with minimal chance of failure.

Why Mexico?

This technique has been used for more than 10 years now with a very high success rate. The system was developed by dental implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare and Portuguese implantologist Dr Paulo Malo. It is now used throughout the world with additional training and qualifications for dentists who want to use the technology.

There is a wide choice of dentists and locations throughout Mexico where you can have same day teeth.

Check out Dental Departures’ website to find a dentist who does All on 4 in border towns such as Algodones, Tijuana and Mexicali, cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara and holiday destinations including Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

Dental Departures will help you find a quality-checked dentist who have been background checked and whose qualifications are listed on the Dental Departures’ website. They also provide you with high resolution clinic photos, real patient reviews and prices so you can compare and find the best dentist and deal.

Price is one of the major reasons why North Americans travel to Mexico for dental care, and for expensive procedures like All on 4 it is easy to see why. In the US you wouldn’t get much change from $30,000 for same day teeth, but in Mexico you can get them for around a quarter of the price or less, saving around $20,000.

If you find a reliable dentist there is no reason why your All on 4 implants will not be as good as what you will receive at home. The materials are the same and if you do a little research on dentist qualifications and clinics in Mexico you will see that the standards are equivalent, and in some cases better, than the standards back home.

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